Writer's Block: The name game

Have you and/or your friends ever picked nicknames for people without their knowledge? What was the funniest, and why did you choose it?

lol we referred to this girl who goes to our university as 'scarfgirl'. because she always wore scarves, fierce ones though! she had cute style. she was also the ex-girlfriend of the boy my friend was dating, so she called her scarfgirl in a less charitable way.

lol also, me and a mutual friend of mine and the scarfgirl-hating friend had a nickname for this very same ex-boyfriend, the one who began my scarfgirl-hating friend. we called him gremlin, because he looked like one. im not a very monogamous nicknamer.

HIATUS (why put a new address on the same old loneliness?)

on hiatus until mid-june.

its the big exams. wish me luck.

p.s. songs im obsessed with at the moment:

-Losing My Religion; SKSK's version

-We Used To Vacation; Cold War Kids

-Citizens Of Tomorrow; Tokyo Police Club

-Checkmarks; The Academy Is...

-Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Duying- FOB

-Where'd You Go/Big City Life (mashup)- Fort Minor/ Mettafix
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